Memories Are Made of This-Dean Martin

歌手 : Dean Martin
语种 : 英语
流派 : Pop
时长 : 02:16

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Memories Are Made of This-Dean Martin 在线试听

[ti:Memories Are Made Of This] [ar:Dean Martin] [al:The Capitol Years] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.00]Memories Are Made of This - Dean Martin (迪安·马丁) [00:04.74]Sweet sweet memories you gave a me [00:07.72] [00:08.32]You can't beat the memeories you gave a me [00:11.50]Take one fresh and tender kiss [00:16.05] [00:18.61]Add one stolen night of bliss [00:23.04] [00:26.21]One girl one boy [00:29.13] [00:29.70]Some grief some joy [00:33.05]Memories are made of this [00:37.57] [00:39.94]Don't forget a small moonbeam [00:44.89] [00:46.89]Fold in lightly with a dream [00:52.13] [00:54.29]Your lips and mine [00:57.55] [00:58.17]Two sips of wine [01:01.39]Memories are made of this [01:06.11] [01:08.88]Then add the wedding bells [01:11.72] [01:12.48]One house where lovers dwell [01:15.35] [01:16.04]Three little kids for flavor [01:20.80] [01:23.29]Stir carefully through the days [01:26.22] [01:26.97]See how the flavor stays [01:29.84] [01:30.74]These are the dreams you will savor [01:36.10] [01:37.53]With his blessings from above [01:41.77] [01:44.59]Serve it generously with love [01:49.12] [01:52.27]One man one wife [01:55.18] [01:55.78]One love through life [01:58.95]Memories are made of this [02:03.74] [02:05.92]Memories are made of this