City Of Stars-周玥

歌手 : 周玥
专辑 : 好不容易
语种 : 英语
流派 : Pop
时长 : 02:45

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City Of Stars-周玥 在线试听

[ti:City Of Stars] [ar:周玥] [al:好不容易] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.38]City Of Stars - 周玥 [00:01.98]Written by:Justin Hurwitz [00:03.39] [00:17.14]City of stars [00:18.27] [00:20.11]Are you shining just for me [00:22.35] [00:26.65]City of stars [00:28.94] [00:29.55]There so much that I can't see [00:31.86] [00:35.77]Who knows [00:37.24] [00:39.11]I felt it from the first embrace I shared with you [00:43.97] [00:45.43]That now our dreams [00:48.77] [00:49.71]They've finally come true [00:51.30] [00:55.77]City of stars [00:56.57] [00:58.28]Just one thing everybody wants [01:00.68] [01:05.29]There in the bars [01:06.36] [01:07.86]And through the smokescreen of the crowded restaurants [01:12.33] [01:14.20]It's love [01:15.70] [01:17.44]Yes all we're looking for is love from someone else [01:22.03] [01:24.00]A rush [01:24.75] [01:25.36]A glance [01:25.76] [01:26.47]A touch [01:26.88] [01:27.54]A dance [01:27.99] [01:28.61]To look in somebody's eyes [01:31.45] [01:32.05]To light up the skies [01:33.46] [01:34.44]To open the world and send them reeling [01:37.28] [01:37.81]A voice that says I'll be here [01:41.01]And you'll be alright [01:42.60] [01:47.27]I don't care if I know [01:49.44] [01:50.39]Just where I will go [01:51.78] [01:52.62]'Cause all that I need's this crazy feeling [01:55.44] [01:55.98]A rat tat tat on my heart [01:58.56] [02:01.47]Think I want it to stay [02:05.53] [02:08.01]City of stars [02:09.13] [02:10.86]Are you shining just for me [02:14.95] [02:17.57]City of stars [02:19.54] [02:23.25]You never shined so brightly

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