Splish Splash-Bobby Darin

歌手 : Bobby Darin
专辑 : Bobby Darin
语种 : 英语
流派 : Pop
时长 : 02:13

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Splish Splash - Bobby Darin (搏比·达林)

Splish Splash, I was takin' a bath

Long about a saturday night, yeah

Rub-a-dub, just relaxin' in the tub

Thinkin' everything was alright

Well, I stepped out the tub,

Put my feet on the floor,

I wrapped the towel around me

And I opened the door, and then

Splish, Splash! I jumped back in the bath

Well how was I to know

There was a party going on

They was a-splishin' and a-splashin',

Reelin' with the feelin',

Moving and a-groovin,

Rockin' and a-rollin', yeah!

Bing bang, I saw the whole gang

Dancin' on my livin' room rug (yeah)

Flip flop, they were doin' the bop,

All the teens had the dancin' bug

There was Lollipop with Peggy Sue

Good golly, Miss Molly was a even there too

A well a splish splash, I forgot about the bath

I went and put my dancing shoes on

I was a splishin' and a splashin',

Rollin' and a strollin'

Movin' and a groovin',

Splishin' and a splashin'

I was a splishin' and a splashin',

I was rollin' and a strollin'

I was a movin' and a groovin',

I was a reelin' with the feelin'

I was rollin' and a strollin'

Movin and a groovin',

Splishin' and a splashin yeah!

Splishin' and a splashin, one time

I was a-splishin' and a splashin'.. Woo-woo!

I was a-movin' and a-groovin'.....