Love's Lookin' Good On You-Lady Antebellum

歌手 : Lady Antebellum
专辑 : Lady Antebellum
语种 : 英语
流派 : Country
时长 : 03:20

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Love's Lookin' Good On You-Lady Antebellum 在线试听

[ti:Love's Looking Good On You] [ar:Lady Antebellum] [al:201038] [by:] [offset:0] [00:11.86]Oooh baby baby [00:14.09]Something's just a little bit different in your eyes tonight [00:18.79]They look twice as bright [00:22.03]Oooh baby baby [00:25.43]Something's changed that I can't quite put my finger on [00:28.74]Well I've been rackin' my brain [00:30.80]Wait just a minute [00:32.11]Hold on now [00:33.32]Well I get it [00:34.56]Chorus [00:35.52]Love love love's lookin' good good good on you [00:39.70]Well can you feel it oh everybody sees it [00:44.30]How your sweet smile has a way of lighting up a room [00:49.20]Yeah you shine like diamonds in everything you do [00:59.86]Oh love love love's lookin' good good good on you [01:10.23]Oooh baby baby [01:12.26]Isn't it funny how we don't need any money [01:15.10]Just a little luck [01:17.08]To look like a millionaire bucks [01:20.29]Oooh baby baby [01:22.56]It kind of makes you think [01:24.08]That the stars were in sync on the night we met [01:27.59]There oughtta be a red carpet [01:29.07]Everywhere you go [01:30.33]Roll it on out [01:31.57]Hey don't you know that [01:33.33]Repeat Chorus [02:08.08]I knew right away from the very first kiss [02:10.48]That it doesn't get much better than this [02:12.41]We fit just like a favorite pair of jeans [02:14.71]We just keep coming back for more [02:18.77]Like two kids in a candy store [02:21.65]Now I know what everybody means [02:25.81]When they say