Wild Wild Life (Long Et Mix)-Talking Heads

歌手 : Talking Heads
专辑 : Best Of Remixed
语种 : 英语
时长 : 05:31

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TXT Wild Wild Life (Long Et Mix)-Talking Heads 文本歌词

I'm wearing

Fur pajamas

I ride a

Hot potato

It's ticklin' my fancy

Speak up I can't hear you

Here on this mountaintop oh oh

I got some wild wild life

I got some news to tell you

Oh oh About some wild wild life

Here comes the doctor in charge oh

She's got some wild wild life

Ain't that the way you like it oh

Living wild wild life oh

Ow ow ow ow

Ow ow ow ow

I wrestle with your conscience

You wrestle with your partner

Sittin' on a window sill but he

Spends his time behind closed doors

Check out Mr. Businessmanoh oh

He bought some wild wild life

On the way to the stock exchange oh oh

He got some wild wild life

Break it up when he opens the dooroh oh

He doin' wild wild life

I know that's the way you like it oh

Living wild wild

Peace of mind

It's a piece of cake

Thought control

You get on board anytime you like

Like sitting on

Pins and needles

Things fall apart

It's scientific

Sleeping on the interstate oh oh

Getting wild wild life

Checkin' in a checkin' out oh oh

I got a wild wild life

Spendin' all of my money and time oh oh

Done too much wild wild

We wanna go where we go where we go oh oh

I doing wild wild life

I know it that's how we start oh

Got some wild wild life

Take a picture here in the daylight oh

And it's some wild wild life

You've grown so tall you've grown so fast oh oh

Wild wild

I know that's the way you like it oh

Living wild wild wild wild life