歌手 : Lara梁心颐
专辑 : 自由灵魂
语种 : 国语
流派 : Pop
时长 : 03:06

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TXT Goodnight-Lara梁心颐 文本歌词

Goodnight (晚安) - Lara梁心颐 (lara Liang)

These walls ache so silently

In the dance of endless night

While I’m playing make-believe

You and I are still entwined

Oh but all I have are dreams

Only meant for me

Hard to try and get to sleep


I miss kissing you goodnight

Your eyes bright as crystal moons

Lit the velvet skies above

I said goodnight to you

Once upon a time in love

Oh but I had other dreams

Only meant for me

So I went and set you free

But sometimes

I miss kissing you goodnight