I Honestly Love You-张国荣

歌手 : 张国荣
专辑 : 一切随风
语种 : 英语
流派 : Pop
时长 : 03:51

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I Honestly Love You-张国荣 在线试听

[ti:I Honestly Love You] [ar:张国荣] [al:Four Seasons] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.00]I Honestly Love You (我真的爱你) - 张国荣 (Leslie Cheung) [00:06.00]词:Peter Allen/Jeff Barry [00:12.01]曲:Peter Allen/Jeff Barry [00:18.01]编曲:赵增熹 [00:24.02]Maybe I hang around here a little more than I should [00:31.33]We both know I got somewhere else to go [00:38.81]But I got something to tell you [00:41.99]That I never thought I would [00:46.12]But I believe you really ought to know [00:55.54] [00:56.17]I love you [01:00.91]I honestly love you [01:09.57]You don't have to answer [01:12.63]I see it in your eyes [01:16.56]Maybe it was better left unsaid [01:23.68]But this is pure and simple and you must realise [01:30.16]That it's comin' from my heart and not my head [01:40.96]I love you [01:45.58]I honestly love you [01:54.01]I'm not tryin' to make you feel uncomfortable [02:00.62]I'm not tryin' to make you anything at all [02:06.98]But this feeling doesn't come along everyday [02:14.42]And you shouldn't blow the chance [02:18.36]When you've got the chance to say [02:25.97]I love you [02:32.28]I love you [02:37.71]I honestly love you [02:42.98] [02:46.29]If we both were born in another place and time [02:52.60]This moment might be ending in a kiss [02:59.97]But there you are with yours [03:03.15]And here I am with mine [03:06.45]So I guess we'll just be leavin' it at this [03:17.05]I love you [03:21.81]I honestly love you [03:29.21]I honestly love you