Le Temple Volant-Crumb/Melody’s Echo Chamber

专辑 : Le Temple Volant
语种 : 英语
时长 : 02:05

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TXT Le Temple Volant-Crumb/Melody’s Echo Chamber 文本歌词

Le Temple Volant - Crumb/Melody’s Echo Chamber
Lyrics by:Lila Ramani/Bri Aronow/Jonathan Gilad/Jesse Jurkowitz Brotter/Melody Prochet
Walking up circles
Cracks in the middle road
Walking too fast we're not meant to last
It keeps happening
It's kind of humbling
It's still haunting me
Feel it again
Can never seem to shake it off
Maybe a walk in the rain
Brings me to where I want
It gets hot
Give it a try
It gets hot
Le Temple Volant

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