歌手 : 山本康太 / 田中桜
语种 : 英语
时长 : 02:35

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TXT AWOKEN-山本康太/田中桜 文本歌词

AWOKEN (《雷索纳斯》游戏歌曲) - 山本康太 (KOHTA YAMAMOTO)/田中桜 (たなか さくら)
Lyrics by:Benjamin/mpi
Composed by:山本康太(KOHTA YAMAMOTO)
Arranged by:山本康太(KOHTA YAMAMOTO)
Don't you escape
We are crawling in chains
Gravity's pulling me down
I can see through it all
I don't care if I fall
But I will promise you
I am awoken to be ready
Here it comes
A bullet from a gun
Speed of pain
Just like a hurricane
Sing again
Cos you can never beat
My brain
This body
Here it comes
So hit me you can try
I attack
Cos there's no going back
You and I can make it out alive
Don't let go