歌手 : 孙耀威
专辑 : Love Story
语种 : 英语
时长 : 03:48

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Diana-孙耀威 在线试听

[ti:Diana] [ar:孙耀威] [al:love story] [by:] [offset:0] [00:27.76]I'm so young and you're so old [00:30.95]This my darling [00:31.82]I've been told [00:33.70]I don't care just what they say [00:36.76]Cause forever I will pray [00:39.82]You and I will be asfree [00:41.95] [00:42.82]As the birds up in the trees [00:45.13]Oh please stand by me [00:50.93] [00:51.99]Diana [00:52.52] [01:04.65]Thrills I get when you hold me close [01:07.71]Oh my darling you're the most [01:10.09] [01:10.77]I love you but do you love me [01:13.65]Oh Diana can't you see [01:15.90] [01:16.71]I love you with all my heart [01:18.92] [01:19.73]And I hope we will never part [01:22.81]Oh please stay with me Diana [01:28.99] [01:54.20]Oh my darlin' Oh my lover [01:56.21] [01:57.02]Tell me that there is no other [01:59.21] [02:00.15]I love you [02:01.03] [02:01.59]With my heart [02:02.59] [02:03.15]Don't you know I love you so [02:05.40] [02:09.15]Only you can take my heart [02:11.96]Only you can tear it apart [02:14.28] [02:15.34]When you hold me in your loving arms [02:17.55] [02:18.23]I can fel you giving all your charm [02:21.23]Hold me darling [02:22.04] [02:22.73]Hold me tight [02:23.48] [02:24.29]Squeeze me baby with all your might [02:26.68] [02:27.38]Oh please stand by me Diana [02:33.45] [02:37.51]Stand by me Diana [02:39.63] [02:43.07]Oh stand by me Diana [02:45.76] [02:49.32]Oh stand by me Diana