And The Radio Played-Lady A

歌手 : Lady A
语种 : 英语
时长 : 03:13

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And The Radio Played - Lady Antebellum (战前女神)

I remember riding shotgun in daddy's Chevrolet

We'd crank up the Pioneers and we'd sing away

Sometimes he's let me take the wheel and we'd drive through town

Couldn't wait to hear my favorite songs coming back around (back around)

And the radio played the theme I'll still be loving you

Promise come true and country wasn't cool

Forever may never enough

Always on my mind again and again

Swinging and smoking mountain rain

He stopped loving her today

We laughed we cried the 80's away

And the radio played

Bobby was the first boy that I ever kissed

I can still taste the root beer on his lips

We turn up the stereo from that bedroom

Climb through the window and make out on the roof

And the radio played on rock the jukebox and we danced

Strawberry wine a brand new man

Love without ending honey

Top notch was on again and again

Meet in the middle and amazed

Does he love you Independence Day

We laughed we cried the 90's away

And the radio played

And the radio played

And I hear him now

I'm right back in that place

And 28 years from now

I'll back on today

When the radio played I hope you damn sure think of me

World hurts the lost before we cheat

I don't want this night to end

The house that build me remember when

That story she's my kind of range

She's country forever for our way

She don't bring I saw God today

And the radio played

I was raised on the radio raised on the radio raised on the radio

I was raised on the radio raised on the radio raised on the radio