Tonight (Live)-BIGBANG

语种 : 英语
流派 : Pop
时长 : 03:44

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Tonight (Live)-BIGBANG 在线试听

[ti:TONIGHT] [ar:BigBang] [al:Japan : Love & Hope Tour 2011 Live Album] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.00]Tonight (Live) - BIGBANG (빅뱅) [00:04.48]詞:G-DRAGON/籐林聖子/iNoZzi/Perry Borja [00:08.96]曲:G-DRAGON/E KNOCK [00:13.44]Tonight such a beautiful night [00:16.79]Sing with me now 2011 follow me [00:19.55] [00:20.10]Bigbang bigbang we're back again one more time say [00:23.65]No way no way you broke my heart then ran away [00:26.78] [00:27.35]Big bang big bang don't stop let's play [00:31.10]Ok ok go go go [00:33.82] [00:34.77]I'm lookin' every way [00:35.82] [00:36.34]Got my senses all in check [00:37.61] [00:38.17]For that someone who can take [00:39.81]My breath away and got my back [00:41.59] [00:42.26]Nah never gonna diss that's right [00:43.76]I'm a bad boy but i'm nice fly [00:45.94]Steady ready rippin' and swaggin' girl [00:47.74](let me blow your mind) [00:48.90]Yo you were my one and only [00:50.75]Never wanna end up lonely [00:51.91] [00:52.56]What it used to be - drama free [00:54.61]Want that for you and me [00:56.28]But it's just not-not happening [00:57.11] [00:57.94]What I'm gonna do what's the truth [00:59.97]Should we be waitin' for a resolution-- [01:02.93]Don't wanna cry no more [01:04.15]目と目が合ってすぐ 感じていたよ Deja vu [01:09.14] [01:11.10]火がつくスピ一ド oh-oh-oh [01:13.91] [01:15.05]呼吸も出來ないくらい [01:17.02] [01:18.94]Tonight [01:20.40] [01:26.00]君のその指で 大膽に釘付け [01:32.25] [01:33.48]So tonight the party will not stop [01:35.68](non stop non stop) [01:36.69] [01:37.26]On and on we take it to the top [01:39.54](one more one more) [01:40.98]ためらう心 解き放て feel more 望み通りの girl [01:46.39] [01:48.38]俺以外は Say no' 聞かせて 今 [01:52.68]君のサインに Na Na Na [01:55.07] [01:55.88]Take my soul take my heart back [01:57.28] [01:57.86]Now I know what I know love has just gotten me uh [02:00.11]I'm at a good place baby right now [02:01.84]Don't think too much it's simple [02:03.33]目と目が合ってすぐ [02:05.02] [02:06.51]感じていたよ Deja vu [02:09.13] [02:10.18]火がつくスピ一ド oh-oh-oh [02:12.69] [02:14.15]呼吸も出來ないくらい [02:16.08] [02:17.98]Tonight [02:18.73] [02:25.08]君のその指で 大膽に亂れて [02:31.12] [02:31.70]Oh slow down baby [02:32.28] [02:33.55]遠くで聽こえる Party [02:36.03] [02:37.13]真夜中 隱れるように [02:39.94] [02:40.82]2人で make a secret 夜があけるまで [02:45.49] [02:58.19]目と目が合ってすぐ 感じていたよ Deja vu [03:03.78] [03:05.94]火がつくスピ一ド oh-oh-oh [03:08.10] [03:09.56]呼吸も出來ないくらい [03:11.55] [03:13.50]Tonight [03:13.63] [03:20.47]君のその指で 大膽に釘付け [03:26.48] [03:28.13]目と目が合ってすぐ [03:30.38] [03:31.45]感じていたよ Deja vu [03:33.82] [03:35.12]火がつくスピ一ド oh-oh-oh [03:39.06]呼吸も出來ないくらい