语种 : 日语
流派 : Pop
时长 : 03:42

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Tonight (BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2013~2014) - BIGBANG (빅뱅)

詞:G-DRAGON/藤林聖子/iNoZzi/Perry BorJa


Tonight such a beautiful night let's go

Bigbang bigbang we're back again one more time say

No way no way you broke my heart then ran away

Big bang big bang don't stop let's play ok ok go go go

I'm lookin' every way got my senses all in check

For that someone who can take my breath away and got my back

Nah, never gonna diss that's right i'm a bad boy but i'm nice, fly,

Steady ready rippin' and swaggin' girl(let me blow your mind)

Yo, you were my one and only never wanna end up lonely

What it used to be-drama free want that for you and me

But it's just not-not happening

What i'm gonna do what's the truth should we be waitin' for a resolution--

Don't wanna cry no more

目と目が合ってすぐ 感じていたよDeja vu

火がつくスピードoh-oh-oh 呼吸も出来ないくらい

Tonight... 君のその指で 大胆に釘付け

So tonight the party will not stop(non stop non stop)

On and on we take it to the top(one more one more)

ためらう心 解き放てfeel more 望み通りのgirl

俺以外は Say no' 聞かせて 今 君のサインに Na Na Na…

Take my soul take my heart back

Now i know what i know love has just gotten me, uh!

I'm at a good place baby right now

Don't think too much it's simple

目と目が合ってすぐ 感じていたよDeja vu

火がつくスピードoh-oh-oh 呼吸も出来ないくらい

Tonight... 君のその指で 大胆に乱れて

Oh slow down baby

遠くで聴こえるParty 真夜中 隠れるように

2人で make a secret 夜があけるまで

目と目が合ってすぐ 感じていたよDeja vu

Tonight... 君のその指で 大胆に釘付け

目と目が合ってすぐ 感じていたよDeja vu

火がつくスピードoh-oh-oh 呼吸も出来ないくらい