This Time I Can-王杰

歌手 : 王杰
语种 : 国语
时长 : 04:17

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TXT This Time I Can-王杰 文本歌词

This Time I Can - 王杰 (Dave Wang)


曲:Dave Wang

But l always have my fear

Of the days of being lonely

Of the days not having you by my side

(女)All my dreams were of nothing but you

All my breath and kisses too

(男)Every star that in heaven

Every memony in my mind lt was you

(女)Don't you know nothing lasts forever

Eternities but the broken promises

(男)And l would hold you tight forever

But there were question in your eyes

Our love was only like a rose blooming in Spring

Then it's gone

(女)Something happend inside of me

And l could never understand

(男)This time l can

This time l can

Let you go

Oh...wo ho

L don't want to be the one to tell you where you should belong

So l said to you run if that is what you want to do

(女)l can see things that you don't see

Lt's not what you haven't given me

It's only something that has to do with me

(合)This time l can

This time l can

This time l can

This time l can let you go forever

(女)l have to go but to where l don't know

Goodbye my dear

(男)Take my broken heart carry on

My love

L really gonna feel the pain

(合)This time l can

This time l can

This time l can

This time l can