Faithful Man-孙耀威

歌手 : 孙耀威
语种 : 英语
时长 : 01:48

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Faithful Man-孙耀威 在线试听

[ti:Faithful Man] [ar:孙耀威] [al:Man In The Mirror] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.00]Faithful Man - 孙耀威 (Eric Suen Yiu Wai) [00:03.75]词:孙耀威 [00:07.51]曲:孙耀威 [00:11.27]I'm every star that's in your sky [00:15.83]Every glimmer shining through your eyes [00:20.64] [00:21.23]The darkest night I'll be your guide [00:25.91]Just to give you peace of mind [00:29.65] [00:30.77]Oh I used to get nowhere to stand [00:35.87]But I finally found a place to land [00:40.44]Rainbow through the rain [00:42.97]Laughter through all these pains [00:46.63]You're like the blood through all my veins [00:51.65]I'd like to say [00:53.39]I'll love you night and day [00:56.59]Forever by your side I'll stay [01:01.63]I'll never turn away [01:04.83] [01:06.69]Your every wish is my command [01:11.06] [01:11.71]You're my perfect plan [01:16.40] [01:18.15]And I'll be loving you the best [01:22.25]I can [01:23.44] [01:24.37]Cos' I'm your faithful man [01:28.10] [01:32.49]Cos' I'm your faithful man