State Of Mind-Wave

歌手 : Wave
专辑 : State Of Mind
语种 : 英语
时长 : 04:12

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State Of Mind-Wave 在线试听

[ti:State Of Mind] [ar:林一峰] [al:一个人在途上] [offset:500] [00:00.00]State Of Mind - Wave [00:03.43]作曲:林一峰 填词:林一峰 专辑:一个人在途上 [00:22.67]I remember you just like your coffee hot [00:27.63]Take no pictures of the things that you ani't got [00:33.75]So softly so gently [00:38.66]You left me with my beating heart [00:42.48]Unknot my throat I ease my soul [00:45.54]With a cold cold beer [00:47.70]Take some time recalling you [00:50.45]With some warm warm tears [00:54.01]For someone or something [00:59.15]Never meant to be [01:01.92]Just spread your wings and fly away [01:06.38]And just leave it all behind [01:11.64]When you think of me [01:13.97]Remember I'm your state of mind [01:41.79]I'll spread my wings and fly away [01:46.61]And I'll leave it all behind [01:51.89]If I think of you [01:54.42]You're just another state of mind [02:06.83]Doesn't matter where I go or whom I'm with [02:11.86]Makes no difference [02:13.37]Where you'll be or who you'll see [02:17.62]Close your eyes make your peace [02:29.89]Down your heart where I'd be