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歌曲 歌手 时长
Stir It Up 《鸡仔总动员》电影插曲 Joss Stone / Patti Labelle 03:43
Ain't No Mountain High Enough 《鸡仔总动员》电影插曲 Barenaked Ladies 02:53
Shake A Tail Feather 《鸡仔总动员》电影插曲 The Cheetah Girls 03:05
All I Know 《鸡仔总动员》电影插曲 Five for Fighting 03:25
Ain't No Mountain High Enough 《鸡仔总动员》电影插曲 Diana Ross 03:28
It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) 《鸡仔总动员》电影插曲 R.E.M. 04:05
We Are The Champions 《鸡仔总动员》电影插曲 Chicken little 00:38
Wannabe 《鸡仔总动员》电影插曲 Runt of the Litter / Abby Mallard 00:50
Don't Go Breaking My Heart 《鸡仔总动员》电影插曲 Runt of the Litter / Foxy Loxy / Chicken little / Buck Cluck 01:53
The Sky Is Falling 《鸡仔总动员》电影插曲 John Debney 02:49
The Big Game 《鸡仔总动员》电影插曲 John Debney 04:05
Dad Apologizes 《鸡仔总动员》电影插曲 John Debney 03:15
Chase To Cornfield 《鸡仔总动员》电影插曲 John Debney 02:00
Dodgeball 《鸡仔总动员》电影插曲 John Debney 01:15
Driving With Dad 《鸡仔总动员》电影插曲 John Debney 01:45
Chicken Little (Original Version)

Chicken Little (Original Version)

Various Artists

发行时间 : 2006-05-30