I'm Losing You-Colin James

歌手 : Colin James
专辑 : Traveler
语种 : 英语
时长 : 04:56

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I'm Losing You-Colin James 在线试听

[ti:I'm Losing You] [ar:Colin James] [al:Take It From The Top: The Best Of Colin James] [by:] [offset:0] [00:00.00]I'm Losing You - Colin James [00:22.77]Here in some stranger's room [00:25.77] [00:27.74]Late in the afternoon [00:30.92] [00:32.72]What am I doing here at all [00:37.20] [00:42.21]Ain't no doubt about it [00:44.53] [00:46.09]I'm losing you [00:48.95] [00:51.14]I'm losing you [00:53.92] [00:57.59]Somehow the wires have crossed [01:01.02] [01:02.81]Communication's lost [01:05.99] [01:07.74]Can't even get you on the telephone [01:12.30] [01:16.96]Just got to shout about it [01:19.57] [01:21.09]I'm losing you [01:23.92] [01:26.13]I'm losing you [01:29.04] [01:30.57]Well here in the valley of indecision [01:37.33] [01:38.00]I don't know what to do [01:40.45]I feel you slipping away [01:43.59] [01:45.51]I feel you slipping away [01:52.82]I'm losing you [01:55.20] [01:57.37]I'm losing you [01:59.88] [02:03.69]You say you're not getting enough [02:07.01] [02:08.38]I remind you of all that bad bad stuff [02:12.13] [02:13.80]So what the hell am I supposed to do [02:18.47] [02:23.58]Just put a band aid on it [02:26.00] [02:26.75]And stop the bleeding now [02:30.13] [02:31.99]Stop the bleeding now [02:35.34] [02:36.78]Well yeah [02:43.31] [03:02.44]I'm losing you [03:05.28] [03:07.39]I'm losing you [03:10.23] [03:13.70]I know that I hurt you then [03:16.76] [03:18.73]But hell that was way back when [03:22.04] [03:24.01]Do you still have to carry that cross [03:28.57] [03:33.61]I don't want to hear about it [03:35.32] [03:37.40]I'm losing you [03:40.25] [03:42.36]I'm losing you [03:45.10] [03:46.19]Yeah well [03:48.23] [03:51.80]Don't want to lose now [03:55.30] [03:57.66]Now now now [04:00.83] [04:02.73]Now now now now now [04:05.78] [04:07.75]Now now now [04:10.70] [04:12.38]You